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  • Thai massage school

Thai massage school

Thai massage school


          We are a Thai massage and health, Thailand, Udon Thani. Taught by experts who are licensed for health professionals in major Thai Massage, Midwifery Pharmacy. There are more than 20 years for teaching. There are so many courses taught at massage schools that have won the trust of the students enrolled here a lot, and to finish off the massage profession or business for several generations.





School Policy:

Support and promote Thai local wisdom and personnel to serve society that quality standard service.


1. All genders

2. Graduated primary 4 or over.


1. House Registration copy

2. ID Card copy

3. 4 color photos 2"

4. Passport copy

Course fees:

1. Thai Traditional Massage Course / 150 hours 

1.1 Thai traditional massage in divan style, therapy, included study trip documents / 5,000 Baht

1.2 Thai traditional massage in unofficial style, included instructional media, textbooks, study trip / 5,000 Baht

2. Foot massage for health course 150 hours, included instructional media, study trip / 5,000 Baht

3. Herbal baking / compressing for health, making herbal compress ball course 100 hours / 3,000 Baht included instructional media and study trip.

4. Aromatherapy oil massage course 150 hours / 5,000 Baht included study documents and tools.

After Course:

1. Certification Thai / English

2. Can be open own business

3. Can work both at home and abroad

Learning Director:

The teachers who had Art of Healing Certification in Thai Traditional Massage Course, Thai Medicine Course, Thai Pharmacy Course, and Midwife Course those their experience of taught for more than 20 years. 

"Easy to learn, Good teaching, End soon"







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Name: Salinlada Koohathong
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Company Name: Udon Thani ThaiTraditional Massage & Health
Registered Address: 177/1 Soi.5 Srichomcheun Road Makkhang 41000
Country/Territory: Thailand , Udonthani

Company Name: Udon Thani ThaiTraditional Massage & Health
Contact Person: Salinlada Koohathong
Address: 177/1 Soi.5 Srichomcheun Road
Sub-district: Makkhang
Province: Udonthani
Country: Thailand
Zip Code: 41000
Phone: +6642244919
Mobile: +6687-866-9090
E-Mail: massageud@gmail.com
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